Anja Suša | #jeanne
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About This Project

Play by: Ivana Sajko
Translation: Djordje Zarković
Director: Anja Suša
Scenography and Costume Design: Helga Bumsch
Choreographer: Damjan Kecojević
Light Designer: Emanuel Arvanitis
Composer/Sound Designer: Adde Huumonen
Mask: Johanna Rönnbäck
Director:’s Assistant: Rosanne Berjawi
Dramaturg: Eva-Maria Benavente Dahlin
Photos: Markus Gårder
Production: Riksteatern in collaboration with Dramaten (March 2023.)

With: Mårten Andersson, Per Burell, Adde Huumonen, Doreen Ndagire, Rebecca Plymholt, Joel Valois
#jeanne represents a world on the verge of collapse and distinction. It also represents our need for heroes who would lead the way out from the disastrous post-human condition we have created with our greediness, selfishness, and lack of any ideological direction or belief. We kill our heroes before we idealize them and turn them into poems or pixels on the Internet. We conscientiously sacrifice our children by conceptualizing them and turning them into profit as they are trying to save us from ourselves.
Riksteatern commissioned Ivana Sajko, one of the most established European contemporary playwrights to write this play for the purposes of this production.