Anja Suša | Women As Lovers
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About This Project

Women As Lovers
Based on the novel by: Elfriede Jelinek
Swedish translation: Aimée Delblanc
Adaptation: Tom Slikeberg
Directed by: Anja Suša
Set Design: Helga Bumsch
Costume Design: Maja Mirković
Choreographer: Damjan Kecojević
Sound Design: Andreas Huumonen
Dramaturge: Marie Persson Hedenius
Light Design: Mats Öhlin
Video Animation: Vivien Reis
Mask: Maja Mirković
Photo: Sören Vilks
Produced by: Uppsala Stadsteater (September, 2022.)
With: Anna Carlsson, Lolo Elwin, Natalie Sundelin, Moa Moa Silén and Jennifer Amaka Pettrsson

Two young women. One from a village another one from a city. Both of them are factory workers dreaming of a different life. Is marriage the only way out?
The novel “Women As Lovers” by the Nobel Prize-winning author Elfriede Jelinek, was written in 1975. and takes place in Austria in the 1970ies – still haunted by the legacy of Nazism blended in the seemingly idyllic petit-bourgeois landscape on the margins of the Austrian society which systematically perpetuates violence and discriminates everyone who aims at getting out.
In the contemporary adaptation by Tom Siulkeberg, we aren’t talking about Austria any longer. We are talking about us – here and now – regardless of where the “here” and the “now” are located. We are talking about the same old patriarchal patterns that are being reproduced by both men and women in an endless capitalist struggle to gain more success and a more lucrative market value.
This is the first stage adaptation of the novel “Women As Lovers” in Sweden.
This performance was selected for the Swedish Performing Arts Biennial 2023.