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Author: Igor Vasiljev

25 Apr Beyond Stereotypes

“Burlesque about the Greek” Beyond Stereotypes Andrej Hieng/Anja Suša, Madlenianum, stage “Bel Etage” The play “Burlesque about the Greek” (1969), written by Andrej Hieng, deals with a day in the life of El Greco. Starting from a particular case study, the author explores general issues of intensive creative...

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25 Apr The Absence of Identity

„Face of Glass“, Bitef Theatre The Absence of Identity „Face of Glass“, Marija Karaklajić/Anja Suša; produced by Bitef Theatre, played in Student Cultural Centre The play „Face of Glass“, written by Marija Karaklajić, which deals with a murder in a restaurant as seen from various points of view,...

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