Anja Suša | Hedda Gabler as suicide bomber
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18 May Hedda Gabler as suicide bomber

Anne Middelboe Christensen
February 11, 2015

“Marie Louise Willes gaze constantly seek away. She does not look directly into the eyes of those who speak to her. Her bare feet resist wherever she goes – and her hands can only overpower restless spirit by playing with weapons.”
“For this Hedda Gabler at Aarhus Theatre is a woman on the road to death. In the way the Serbian director Anja Susa has staged Ibsen’s anti heroine, there is a woman who could easily be a terrorist organizer or at least a suicide bomber in Europe today.”
“Anja Susa’s staging is highly stylized – and based on Julie Petrine Glargaards quite radical translation. All the characters in the play sits constant at a huge long table that fills the Scala stage in Helga Bumschs grotesque scenography. Here tablecloth been transferred swan ceiling painting from inside Aarhus’s large, magnificent scene – and here between swans and porcelain elephants are all witnesses to the downfall of urgency as Hedda realizes. No one stops her. It just seems as if the explosion is allowed to happen by itself. “

“First, it is bold and bold”.
“It’s fascinating. For fury is contagious. This Hedda Gabler was the angriest Ibsen in the woman’s memory. And the anger actually feels good. “

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