Anja Suša | We’ll Lough At That Someday
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About This Project

“We’ll Lough At That Someday”
“Nekoč se bova temu smejala”
Ivana Sajko

Translation: Polona Glavan
Dramaturgy: Petra Pogorevc
Set Designer: Anja Suša
Costume Designer: Maja Mirković
Movement: Damjan Kecojević
Language Coach: Martin Vrtačnik
Light Design: Boštjan Kos
Sound Design: Tomaž Božič
Dramaturgy Assistent: Nika Korenjak
Set Design Assistent: Janez Koleša
Costume Design Assistent: Nina Čehovin
Cast: She – Ajda Smrekar; He – Filip Samobor; Child – Voranc Boh; Good People – Lena Hribar Škrlec, Tanja Dimitrievska, Jaka Lah, Gašper Jarni

Production: Ljubljana City Theatre, September 2021.

She is a talented actress with no regular job, so she makes a living from humiliating casual jobs, and He is a promising writer who dreams of writing a bestseller, while earning a living by writing articles and columns. Their income is barely enough to make ends meet, and the dream of a regular job and a successful career is becoming less and less achievable for both of them.

When a child they did not plan and can not afford is born, their relationship becomes even more strained.

The performance opens up a very painful question about love and economy in today’s world as well as the position of art and an artist in contemporary society.
The text is a tailor made adaptation of a critically acclaimed novel “The Love Novel” by the Croatian author Ivana Sajko (who made the adaptation), whose many plays have been successfully staged in theatres all over Europe in the past 20 years.