Anja Suša | Three Winters
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About This Project

“Three Winters”
Tena Štivičić

Translation: Amanda Svensson
Stage Design: Ulla Kassius
Costume Design: Maja Mirković
Choreography: Damjan Kecojević
Composer: Igor Gostuški
Dramaturgy: Marie Persson Hedenius
Light Design: Mats Öhlin
Mask: Ella Carlefalk
Producer: Erik Gavelin

Cast: Anna Carlsson, Lolo Elwin, Göran Engman, Madalaine Ferraud Norberg, Jakob Fehlstadt, Natalie Sundelin, Moa Silen, Logi Tulinius, Alexandar Lindberg, Christer Olsson, Bashkim Neziraj, Mikaela Ramel, Elisabeth Wernesjö

TEATERFÖRLAG: Nordiska ApS – Köpenhamn
Produced by: Uppsala Stadsteater in 2019.

How does history affect our relationships, memories and family ties? The outside world is raging around the three generations of the Kos family. Three generations of daughters getting married, quarrels, love, hate and trying to keep up the pace with the ongoing geo-political changes. This is the story about the independent and brave women striving for a better life and struggling against the patriarchy in their own ways. They are participants of the same story, which they all remember so differently.
The ivy growing out from the house in Zagreb for decades is what holds the family together.

How do you remember Yugoslavia? How do you remember Sweden? How do you remember? Can a personal story be turned into a collective act of remembering?

3 winters is a unique experience, bigger than a stage performance. The audience is guided through three interactive exhibitions where the play takes place – three reflections on the history of Croatia – the entry of communism in 1945, the fall of Yugoslavia in 1991 and Croatia joining the EU in 2011. How has the past shaped us, no matter where we grew up and lived our lives?
The award-winning play is written by Tena Štivičić and had its world premiere in London in 2014 to be staged all over Europe in the following years. This is the Swedish premiere of the play.