Anja Suša | Spring Awakening
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About This Project

Frank Wedekind and Irena Kraus


Set and Video Design: Igor Vasiljev
Costume Design: Maja Mirković
Music: Igor Gostuški
Video: Igor Vasiljev
Photo: Djordje Tomić
Production: Little Theatre Duško Radović, Belgrade, Serbia, October, 2010


“I don’t know if Wedekind intended his play to be performed for young people, the ones it is about. Personally, I cannot think of a better audience.

This is Wendla’s, Moritz’s, Ilse’s and Martha’s story. The story of the ones who yearn to start living their own lives. They yearn and shun it at the same time. Or, as Moritz says to Melchior: “Why can’t I just sleep this through and wake up when it’s all over?”

Irena Kraus