Anja Suša | King Matt The First
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About This Project

Janusz Korczak

King Matt The First

Adapted for stage by Ana Duša
Dramaturgy: Petra Pogorevc
Stage and Costume Design: Maja Mirković
Music: Laren Polič Zdravič
Light Design: Mats Öhlin
Choreographer: Damjan Kecojevic
Photo: Mankica Kranjec
With the participation of the Partisan Choir (Partizanski Pevski Zbor)
Production: Ljubljana Puppet Theatre,, Ljubljana, Slovenia, December 1. 2017.
Cast: Primož Ekart, Voranc Boh, Nina Ivanič, Jan Bučar, Urška Hlebec, Rok Kunaver, Zala- Ana Štiglic.


The performance is based on the famous Polish children’s novel by the same title.

It’s about an 11-year-old boy who is forced to become a king, after the death of his King-father. In spite of an idea to rule in his own fashion with a strong sense of justice, he can’t avoid the large, inefficient and alienated bureaucracy of a parliamentary democracy, with its legislation, traditions, and politics. In order to establish a state with a human face, he starts a Children’s Parliament.

What would happen to a society if children took care of it? That is at the core of the performance and its participatory approach to universal subjects of justice, tolerance, equality…