Anja Suša | Idiots
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About This Project

Tom Silkeberg

The Idiots

Based on the film “Idioterne” by Lars von Trier
Dramaturgy: Tom Silkeberg
Stage and Costume Design: Helga Bumsch
Light Design: Emanuel Arvanitis
Sound Design: Åke Lindborg
Choreographer: Damjan Kecojevic
Photo: Malin Arnesson
Cast:Gustav Berg, Cecilia Borssén, Nils Dernevik, Kasja Ericsson, Oldoz Javidi, Danjin Malinović, Kim Bergkvist, Kenny Olsson.

Production: Helsingborg Stadsteater, Helsingborg, April 2018.

The performance “Idiots” is inspired by the cult film by Lars von Trier which is one of the fundamental films of the “Dogme 95″ movement. However, it doesn’t re-enact the original film but rather uses it freely, as a reference for questioning the possibility of dealing with reality and truth in theatre.

It also questions the position of a theatre artist in relation to society, which is somewhat similar to “playing an idiot” as someone who is, in the name of freedom of creation, ready to oppose  prevailing rules of widely acceptable patterns of politically and socially acceptable behavior. Or, maybe not really? Or not always?

This performance examines the significance of theatre as opposed to screen-mediated realities which have become places for staging everybody’s everyday life. This performance tries to reestablish the possibility of going back to the ancient role of theatre as a tool for ritualizing a community.