Anja Suša | APATI
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About This Project

Based on the play “The Request Concert” by Franz Xaver Kroetz


Dramaturgy: Tom W-O Silkeberg
Set Design: Helga Bumsch
Costume Design: Maja Mirković
Choreographer: Damjan Kecojevic
Sound Design: Janus Jensen
Light Design: Christoffer Gullov
Performed by: Xenia Noetzelmann
Photo: Per Morten Abrahamsen
With the participation of the Trampoline House Choir, Copenhagen

Production: Teater Republique, Copenhagen Denmark, September 22. 2017.


APATI is a portrait of the civilization in the 21st century, a frame through which we can peep into the living room of an unknown western home, and recognize ourselves.


This is a multimedia installation that examines the state of a western world that appears to be paralyzed towards the movements around it. A lonely woman is on stage. She is anonymous. She could be anybody. We meet her after coming home from work. We follow her while doing her daily routines. The audience then – simultaneously with the woman that we are watching on stage – get to listen to testimonies from different people who surround us through headphones.


Fragments from the outside the world. Descriptions of how their everyday life looks like, and the concerns people experience. Each audience member will individually be able to switch between different channels on the headphones and thereby individually interpret the events taking place on stage. It is a meter of free choice, but also a participatory act of taking individual responsibility within the performance as a collective act. By choosing one channel over another, one gains a unique personalized experience but also misses the other possibilities forever.


Our idea was to show how fragmented is the world we live in. Full of information and yet very disconnected from their true meaning. There is no objective truth – only bits and peaces of different small truths and small insight into our reality. What can we do with what we hear? Who will take care of all the worries? Is there even a room for collective action within the given frames that defines our world today? And what does taking an action really mean?


APATI is inviting and isolating. So is life.