Anja Suša | Alice in Wonderland
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About This Project

Lewis Carrol


Set and Costume Design: Zorana Petrov
Music: Anja Suša and Vladimir Pejković
Photo: Sonja Žugić
Production: Children’s Cultural Centre, Belgrade, Serbia, October 2013.


Performance „Alice in Wonderland“ is a reinterpretation of the famous Carroll’s fairy tale which has already been interpreted in myriad different ways, this time developed through a combination of live theatre and theatre of objects, played by only two actors accompanied by active participation by children/audience. Using the well-known narrative of “Alice in Wonderland”, actors Jelena Ilić and Milan Pajić undertake a complex task to reinvent the famous protagonists from the wonderland, using all their acting skills.

Our aim is to make a contribution to a non-standard and somewhat risky approach to the theatre for children and young people which reaches beyond the clichés, and thus to cultivate the taste of our audience which will, hopefully, one day become a demanding and responsible audience of bigger theatres.