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About This Project

Simona Semenič


Dramaturgy: Stefan Akeson
Set and Costume Design: Helga Bumsch
Music: Igor Gostuški
Movement: Damjan Kecojević
Photo: Ola Kjelbye
Production: Backa Teater, Gothenburg, Sweden, March 2012.


In an abandoned house in the middle of a major city five boys are playing : Sssschblam , sssschblam , schblam- swosch ! World disappears , the game engulfs everything. They are superheroes saving the mankind as the world splits around them.
The Slovenian playwright Simona Semenic’s play 5BOYS.COM treats diverse expressions of violence in society, from the comic-book to the kitchen table using the playground as the battlefield. The boys play games about violence, power and identity . Is every person a potential perpetrator ? And where is the girls place in the brotherhood of equality ?


20 November