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01 Oct “OUR CLASS” GETS CRUELER AT HELSINGBORG CITY THEATRE “Our class” gets crueler at Helsingborg City Theatre Published on Tuesday, September 22, 07.00 The 2013 Swedish premiere of Tadeusz Slobodzianek’s play “Our class” at Galeasen Theatre in Stockholm was a roaring success, and in the end even politicians flocked to see it. The play was also...

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18 May Genesis No. 2

By Ana Todorović Belgrade Drama Theatre, New stage Author: Ivan Vyrypaev Director: Anja Suša Cast: Milena Pavlović, Daniel Sič, Ivan Tomić A performance which makes you feel you have adopted a new worldview, and contemplating many topics is, in my opinion, a successful performance. This is not a performance for a...

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18 May Tragedy without a Story

By Ivan Medenica Vreme, 20th April, 2006 Ivan Vyrypaev, Genesis No. 2 Directed by Anja Suša Cast: Milena Pavloić, Ivan Tomić, Daniel Sič Belgrade Drama Theatre (small stage) As the opening note by the author Ivan Vyrypaev clearly states – “the play’s main protagonist is the text”. What it means, is...

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