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09 Jan Completely Ingenious about Illness, Family and Memories

Dagens Nyheter, published December 7, 2016 It’s Only the End of the World, by Jean-Luc Lagarce Director: Anja Suša Translation: Anders Bodegård Dramaturgy: Marie Persson Hedenius Set design: Ulla Kassius Performers: Erik Borgeke, Anna Carlsson, Moa Silén, Logi Tulinius, Elisabeth Wernesjö Venue: Uppsala City Theatre Running time: 1h 45min Not a day too early!...

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09 Jan “It’s Only the End of the World” at Uppsala City Theatre – a powerful account of the illusion of the nuclear family

By Rosemari Södergren Kulturbloggen Published: December 4, 2016 ”It’s Only the End of the World” By Jean-Luc Lagarce Translation: Andreas Bodegård Director: Anja Suša Dramaturgist: Marie Persson Hedenius Set Design & Costume: Ulla Kassius Assistent scene and costume designer: Hedvig Ljungar Light design: Mats Öhlin Make-up and wig design: Johanna Rönnbäck, Ella Carlefalk (trainee from STDH) Original...

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09 Jan The Heart of Our Dark Age

Published: September 25, 2016 “The Ridiculous Darkness” at Helsingborg City Theatre becomes in Serbian director Anja Suša’s hands an immensely moving and artistic theater." Ultimo in Mogadishu wants to become a fisherman, but he soon discovers that the seas off the Somalian coast, which have previously been...

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09 Jan A Joyful Description of the Apocalypse

Svenska dagbladet, published October 3, 2016 The Ridiculous Darkness Genre: Theatre Director: Anja Suša Performers: Erik Borgeke, Cecilia Borssén, Nils Dernevik, Jörgen Düberg Venue: Helsingborg City Theatre Set design: Helga Bumsch Costume Design: Maja Mirkovic This is not the first time that the theater depicts the world as a night club, cabaret or...

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03 Apr We are all Aliens

Marcin Miętus Gazeta Festiwalowa Divided into eight amateur actors in the Blood on the Cat's Neck play from Bydgoszcz, the heroine, Phoebe Zeitgeist, is sent to Earth to find out more about the world. She should, first of all, learn about human democracy and write an eyewitness...

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