Anja Suša | Catharsis in theatre which loves and hurts
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18 May Catharsis in theatre which loves and hurts

Chinaman, GK Podgorica and Kotor Art Festival

Catharsis in theatre which loves and hurts

By Maja Mrđenović
Pobjeda, 5th July, 2014

Anja Suša’s performance is set in the contemporary local context of social turbulences; traumatic transition; degrading and devastating influence of dominant cultural models, omnipresent violence and empty neoliberal materialism.
The performance Chinaman introduces the concept of responsible theatre for children and young people into the Montenegrin context in the best ethical and aesthetical manner. What it implies is the necessity to confront and actively and responsibly deal with real problems and relevant topics which concern today’s young people, instead of taking a condescending approach and commercial escapism as the path of least resistance. Trying to influence the sensibility in young people, the performance Chinaman is representative of the theatre which “loves and hurts”, which does not spare you but teaches you to spare others, which does not defend from truths but teaches us to defend them.

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